What Special Needs Moms Want You To Know

Having a child with a physical disability would take so much strength as a parent and I admire these moms and dads for all they do. Being the mother of a child with mental or behavioral health issues can be one of the loneliest feelings in the world. We live day to day on little to no sleep. We are mentally exhausted and physically drained.

From behavior in public places you might judge without even realizing to medication side effects you never would have thought about, having a child with special needs is challenging enough in itself but when we see the stares (yes, we see them) and hear the comments (yes, we hear them) there are a few things we may not say to you but we would like you to know.

I asked moms of children with varying mental/behavioral health disorders from bipolar disorder to autism to obsessive compulsive disorder and tourette’s syndrome, “What would you like people to know about your child’s struggles and being the mother of a special needs child?”

These are their responses:

“My son was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at 14. It was a painful experience that lasted two to three years before he was treated. It hurts badly to watch him struggle still even with meds.”

“My son told me he felt numb and disconnected.”

“He has Tourettes that exploded over the summer and the tics are non stop. The tics are very complex and some are painful.”

“He gets severe migraines, dizzy spells, aches, and pains every where and rarely wants to leave the house. He has been on so many meds but most all had very severe reactions OR he had the opposite effect on the med of what it is designed to do. He still will not sleep alone or even be in a room alone for more than a couple of minutes- anxiety so severe.”

“I hated that meds were our only option but they have made a huge difference. They gave him life back. Helped him feel joy and not anxiety.”

“The tough thing is that with diabetes you test sugar levels and treat with insulin. You know exactly what is off and how to fix it. With mental health issues the treatment for everyone is very individual. What works for one person doesn’t for another. Sometimes it takes years to find the right treatments. Everyone involved gets frustrated, often even the doctors.”

“It’s sad to see my son struggle and not know how to control himself when he is upset.”

“I held my son for hours while he vomited through the night in tears from the pain caused by the medicine that was supposed to help.”

“He stopped enjoying life, and even the things that once made him so happy he got no joy from anymore.”

“Every day is harder than the last.”

“The choice whether to medicate my child or not was not one that I took lightly. It kept me awake many nights wondering if I was doing the right thing. It was heartbreaking.

“Unfortunately nobody understands.”

“There are no easy answers.”

“I do love my child but it is hard to be strong all the time; sometimes I just need one moment to myself to breakdown and cry. Then I will get up and we will keep going, keep fighting, together.”

mothers SN ETC

We have days filled with pain and heartache, we have to make decisions that are heart wrenching but we love our children with everything we have. Don’t judge them, they are beautiful, amazing, and simply wonderful. It hurts when we see others joke with complete disregard for the feelings of the special needs community, young and old. These struggles are not funny, not amusing, and certainly not anything to be taken lightly or as a joke. Stand up for them, you won’t be standing alone, we will be standing with you.



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Battling Depression

Depression. Sadness. Loneliness. Trapped in pain. No one understands.


Sometimes, they don’t.

“I think we all have depression every once in a while.”

That is probably one of the most frustrating and hurtful things in the world for someone who is truly battling depression to hear. It is disheartening, and makes me feel like my struggle, day in and day out, is being minimalized. If you think everyone in the world has depression every once in a while then you probably don’t understand that depression isn’t every once in a while, it is a constant fight against sadness, heartache, mental exhaustion, holding back tears, and against those feelings that make you want to stay in bed and hide yourself away from the rest of the world. I caution you please for those you may come across learn, and educate yourself. Please take the time to understand that true depression is so much more than having a bad day or week, this is every day of our lives.

Today was an exceptionally hard day for me. Last night, probably without thinking about how hurtful that comment really was someone said it to me. I thought of that person today, while I lay in bed, crying. Why? No, not because they hurt my feelings, not for a second. I honestly don’t think they said it with any intent of being hurtful; I think they simply don’t know. Contrary to the old cliche, ignorance is not bliss. So I write this in hopes that those that don’t really understand it can have a small peek into what it is like battling depression.

I was so tired, my body hurt, my mind was exhausted. What brought me to that situation?

I had to go to the bank and my son instead of putting on good shorts decided to put on an old pair that I allowed him to keep only to sleep in. I had been in a mental fog all day and yep maybe it was my fault for not looking but I didn’t. Well, as I pulled out of the driveway I finally noticed. Okay, so my kid was wearing sloppy shorts. I wasn’t looking much better myself refusing to change from my baggy stretch pants and even baggier t-shirt but this I couldn’t handle. Feeling myself becoming completely overwhelmed I knew I couldn’t handle it. I pulled the car back into the garage, had my son change, I told my boys to take a time out, and mom needed a time out herself. I went to my room, closed my door, crawled under the covers, and cried. There was no major tragedy. There was no attitude from my kids, or fight between anyone. If someone had asked me why I was crying I couldn’t honestly tell them why. All I knew was that the world was too much to handle at the moment. I was able to later compose myself, get my errands done, and take care of the rest of our day.

That is what living with depression is.

When things don’t go right you have to battle your own emotions to get back up and keep going.

No one’s life should be this hard, but it is.

I ask of you, if anyone ever opens up to you and says, “I struggle with depression”, please understand they mean it; it is not simply a struggle, it is a battle, every day of their life.

By saying, “I think we all have depression every once in a while”, what they feel you are saying, “It is not a big deal.”

If you don’t understand, please tell them, “I am sorry, I don’t know much about depression.”

A kind word goes further than you may think.


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Raspberry Drizzled Bacon Wrapped Chicken


That is what I am always looking for when it comes to recipes. I love to try new things. That said, I grab a cookbook, start looking, and think to myself, “This is all too complicated and takes too much stuff.” I put the cookbook away. How about nice and simple? I will give you a very basic recipe that my kids love.

2 pounds of boneless, skinless chicken thighs

1-2 pack(s) of bacon, center cut

3-4 tbsp. of seedless raspberry jam


Yep, that is it!

Preheat your oven to 400°F.

Place your bacon in single layers on paper towel lined microwaveable plates. (Optional – Cover with a second paper towel.)

Microwave each plate on high for 1 1/2 minutes.

Cut your chicken thighs into slices. I don’t salt my chicken but if you like the saltiness go for it (remember the raspberry is going to bring sweetness to the dish).

Line your cooking sheet with foil (easier cleanup).

Wrap the bacon around the chicken pieces and secure with a toothpick.

Bake for 20 – 25 minutes, or until chicken is done (internal temperature of 165°F) and bacon is crisp.

While the chicken is cooking, warm the raspberry jam. To do this I use my homemade version of a double broiler (a metal mixing bowl inside of pot of boiling water).IMG_1096.JPGOnce you remove the chicken from the oven, drizzle it with your warmed seedless raspberry jam.



The best thing about this is that it is a simple recipe and quick cleanup.

Serve with your favorite side dishes and enjoy with your family.


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Adults Behaving Badly

When children misbehave we correct their actions, but what happens when adults misbehave? Let me back up and give you a little background. My blog is emotion driven. What drives our emotions stronger than they should be driven? You got it, family.

When children misbehave whether it is at home, at school, or a trip to the grocery store we correct their behavior. We tell them, they cannot behave like that, it is simply not acceptable. Everybody gets a little flustered and we all get over it and move on. When adults misbehave the consequences are much, much worse. Miscommunication becomes non-communication because adults do something children tend not to do. Yep, adults hold grudges. I wish adults were more like children; kids get angry, get hurt, and get over it! Adults have that nasty little habit of stubbornness. Apology or not adults seem to like to hold onto those hurt feelings. When this happens in a family it becomes worse, from parents to siblings, it causes divisions.

divisions ETCIn my family, a family of seven daughters, there are bound to be disagreements, arguments, outright yelling, and screaming fights. No family is perfect and ours is no exception. The end result is hurt feelings, unresolved issues, and family that doesn’t speak. The running joke in my family is that we should keep a whiteboard listing who is not speaking to who at the current time. Sometimes we have to laugh or we will cry. It is lousy that we as sisters can’t get along but I won’t be one of the reasons. As much as it depends on you, be the bigger person, apologize, even if it isn’t your fault, put it behind you and let it go. I recently did this myself, trust me it doesn’t leave a good taste in your mouth. I am not saying I was in the right and the other person was in the wrong, I am also not saying it was the other way around because in this mess we call life, it is irrelevant. I have sisters that I am closer to and some that I am not so close to and that is okay we all have different personalities that don’t always click but I have family that still acts in hurtful manners towards family members and that is not okay. I can tell myself that I have honestly, truly, in my heart, mind, and soul done everything I can to resolve issues; even if no one else were to ever see that, I know it is true and that is good enough for me. I can’t make everyone happy, but I can make myself happy.

We will always have our family, they aren’t co-workers that we can ignore until we change jobs or switch departments, these are people that are a part of our lives from birth until the day we die. We cannot simply expect them to go away. They will always be there and believe it or not even when you aren’t speaking, when tragedy strikes, these are the people that will come, they will be there, when a parent falls ill or a grandparent passes away.

We cannot hold onto hatred because we aren’t only hurting others, we are hurting ourselves as well. I have seen more than one article about how stress is bad for our health, so let go of the resentment, let go of the anger, let go of anything that will bring you down, emotionally or physically.

Live without regret, in all aspects of your life.


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To The Parent That Allows Their Child Too Much Screen Time:

I fell into this trap too. It is so easy. Don’t feel guilty that it happened. I have seen many articles lately about this subject which makes me feel guilty and a little berated. I give my kids screen time and probably more than I should have. With health issues that make many days a struggle, homeschooling two kids, a special needs child, and aging parents to care for daily it seems I never get anything done. So yes, I tell my kids, get some work done and you can go play.

They play with toys and they fight, “It is mine! No, it is mine! Don’t touch that! Mom, he stole my toy! Mom, he threw my toy! Mom, he broke my toy!” By the time that last sentence comes out I am usually running to get in between them because at this point they are no longer arguing but physically fighting. I have two boys, of course they fight. What does this mean for my sanity? My last attempt to keep my sanity is by unhappily giving in and saying, “Fine, go play with the electronics but stay away from each other.”

games ETC

I know, this is the wrong thing to do. I can already hear all the parenting articles echoing in my mind, “Don’t reward bad behavior with game time.”

I applaud the moms who can stay on the straight and narrow 24/7 with their kids, but I am going face it right here, right now, that isn’t me. My husband is a truck driver and gone 90% of the time. I am not complaining that he isn’t here, he does it to support our family so that I can stay home with our kids. I am mom and dad most of the month because he is gone working. I don’t have the physical, mental, and emotional strength it takes to deal with it all. I won’t hesitate to say I don’t think I am the only one that gives in more than they know they should. I am not a perfect parent, no one is. I would rather give my kids a little extra screen time so that I can take that much needed break for myself instead of keeping them off, having them fight, and I end up yelling at them. Does that make me a good parent?

I would venture to say I am not the only parent that has fallen into the too much screen time trap. What is the point of this mess? If you are like me, a normal parent, I want to remind you it is okay to not be perfect. Don’t let yourself feel badly for allowing too much screen time but instead try and do your best to get in a routine of other things for your kids. Find other things for them to do. Set down rules or ideas for making changes. Admit to your kids that yes, while it was happening for a while, rules are changing and maybe they will get days with extra screen time but don’t count on it being a regular thing in the house. I have given my kids a list of daily activities they must accomplish.

Do something creative. Read a book. Draw a picture. Color a picture. Be musical.

Do something educational. Find worksheets or an educational website to work on.

Do something spiritual. Read the bible, learn about someone in the bible, or ways to apply it to your life.

Do something helpful. Make sure to get household chores done.

Be social. Spend time talking to grandma, grandpa, or whoever else is in the home. Sit with them, ask them about their life, how they are feeling, or if they need help with anything.

This is our list. Every home will have their own list that fits their family and lifestyle more appropriately. While I do agree that too much screen time can be a pitfall for many, it doesn’t have to be a permanent one.


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Pixie Dusted Dreams


Have you ever dreamed of pixie dust? If you are a blogger and a Disney fan you know exactly what I am talking about. Yep, I got it, the pixie dusted email.

I was hopeful but at the same time a little doubtful that I would receive one this year, but I did. Oh the joy! I couldn’t believe it! I have heard about them but never expected to get it myself, at least not yet.

Now that I have expressed my happiness let me say that I am honored to be the recipient of a Disney Social Media Moms Celebration On-The-Road invitation. If you were a recipient or hopeful, as was I, then you know that I didn’t exactly get my email today, it was actually just over a week ago but I am still glowing from it. Pixie dust has that effect!

With everything life throws at us it is not hard to get overwhelmed with the day to day goings on.

Even with all the things that weigh us down daily I can’t help but smile as I await my very first Disney OTR Event and my dream of Disney begins to come true.

days and dreams ETC



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MyPrintly and Moms

I recently attended a MyPrintly Mom Meet Up in Austin, Texas. I am not a social person but this event was so much fun! MyPrintly from HP has some wonderful new concepts out that all of us were able to try out.

One of my favorites was instantly being able to turn the pictures on my smartphone into personalized cards and printing them directly from my mobile device with a couple of great new apps.


With HP Social Media Snapshots you can print from Facebook, Instagram, or  your phone. Check out your iTunes or Google Play store for the HP Social Media Snapshots and HP Cards apps!

Are you like me and either don’t like going to the store or simply don’t have time to do it? If the answer is yes then you should check out the HP Instant Ink program. You pick a monthly plan according to your general printing usage and your printer lets HP know when you need ink and they ship it to your door for a low monthly charge. Smart, easy, convenient.

Crafts and DIY projects come very easily to some people, me not so much. MyPrintly made it easy for me by showing me how to do these simple DIY projects that display family and friends memorable photos. Be sure to visit MyPrintly to find your inspiration on Creating Memories You Keep!


As we sat and at chatted at our craft table all of us moms were in agreement, we needed this event. It gave us a some really nice memories. It is not about creating great memories but keeping them! Start using some of these great apps and create memories you keep!

Follow MyPrintly on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and see what others have already done with #MyPrintly #CMYK.


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